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Re: VMs: VMS in Russia?

Gabriel Landini wrote:

> In the BBC 4 forum following the vms programme somebody posted what follows:

> child of Wilfrid & Ethel Voynich, I have printed documentary material that
> states that Ethel V sneaked the document out of Russia for Wilfrid V and not
> from an Italian Monastery. I accept that this may still not be the truth. If 
> the manuscript is a modern fake, it must have taken a very large amount of 
> effort and resources. I have never heard it said that Wilfrid V. was a forger 
> or skilled draughtman.

I have found more biographical info on Voynich and will soon
post it - but re the above, it may be interesting that Voynich
apparently graduated in chemistry and pharmacy at Moscow University.

I was trying to search the Russian Web - and there is so much
on Ethel Lilian that her husband is hard to find! One interesting
piece of "curiosa": I have found a scholarly article on 
children and teenagers' reading in the 1990's - and it states that
the survey question "Which book helped you to solve your
spiritual or religious quest problems?" was most frequently
answered with these three titles: Bible, Renan's _Life of Jesus 
Christ_, and E.L.V.'s _Gadfly_. 

There is also a shattering review of John Stojko's "translation"
in the Ukrainian journal _Kritika_ (Criticism) of 2001 at:


Best regards,

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