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Re: VMs: The Star Chart on f68r3


The Pleiades are carefully drawn, and using their orientation,
found matches for all the stars shown. The diagram shows
an area about 15° in diameter.

I know I haven't spoken here in the last couple of years. In fact it was this very picture that I was looking at and was being ... discussed... two years ago.

As you know, I believe the VMS is a document that connects directly to certain ancient information regarding the cyclical destruction of earth that we today call the End Times.
The only part of what I see that annoys people is the ET connection to this. I believe this is going to change.

You need to understand how I think. I am dealing with a chunk of history 15,000+ years in length. Within that time frame I am searching for remnants of a theme. A theme that was deliberately removed from history around 5200 BC, changed, and reinserted into our lives as a religious belief system that instilled "appease the gods...or else we'll all die."

Since the BBC interview I have realized that I missed something. Something that was starring me right in the face. We have had 14 MINOR destruction events since the big one 15,000+ years ago. Each MINOR (or groups of events) event caused a change in history. The biggest change came with the first minor event, about 5200 BC. Two things came with this. Religion as we have come to know it, and, "secrecy."

How does all this tie in with the VMS?
Between the approximate dates of 900 AD to about 1300 AD we have had 4 MINOR events. The "Little Ice Age," as well as recorded volcanic activity, are tied to this.
What I am looking at, and this is FAR from finished, is the sudden arrival of hidden information. We know it as the Graal legend. Buried under a ton of very old "story" material is a theme. That of a transfer of "seat," from Uther Pen Dragon, via "Merlin," to "Arthur." Barron knowingly ties the story to Christianity (the last hidden release of "end times" material) and the Quest to find certain information, obscured as "the Graal," takes off.

From the looks of things the information was found, collected, and saved as the VMS. The last time this information surfaced was in 1957 and tied to Fulcanelli's work at the Hendaye's cross. The four pictures at the base of the cross are the destruction icons. The star (first appearance of the event), moon (a reference to the oldest icon of this story, Horus), the "angry" sun (represents the solar flaring activity), and four "A's."

I do not agree with Fulcanelli's definition of the 4 A's representing the 4 ages. We have "A," and we have "4." 4 represents gamatria. We have aleph and (letter / number 4) daleth (no vowel points, representing the ancient Hebrew). The definition of AD: mist, vapor, ties this to "Chaos"...the "rebirth" part of the Phoenix cycle of death and rebirth. Proof of the cross creators intent is preserved in the method of ancient languaging. If we add "N" (nun) to AD, as ADN (again, drop the vowel points), we get: base, foundation, pedestal. Which is exactly where this information is. The base, pedestal of the cross.

Robert, if this is indeed the Pleiades it directly connects with the destruction information I believe is at the core of the Voynich. It represents part of the information regarding the galactic anti-center. The direction the superwave took when it passed here. Myths are tied to the Pleiades that directly relate to the destruction. (see LaViolette's book Earth Under Fire)

This leaves the "plant and nymph" pictures. What do they have to do with a destruction on earth? Evidentially, nothing. How much time is wasted on them? They seem to do exactly what they were intended to do. Divert attention from the text.

I am not looking for a replay of two years ago. The only reason I am writing this is because of the Pleiades connection. If ancient myth was Pleiades centered as far as the destruction, it makes sense (to me anyway) the VMS would have the connection. After the holidays I will look into this more.

Happy Holidays

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