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Re: VMs: VMS in Russia?

--- Gabriel Landini <G.Landini@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In the BBC 4 forum following the vms programme
> somebody posted what follows: 

> re: The Voynich Manuscript WILFRID GAYE - 1st post -
> 23 Dec 2002 12:16
> I found the programme very interesting. However, as
> my Mother was the adopted 
> child of Wilfrid & Ethel Voynich, I have printed
> documentary material that 
> states that Ethel V sneaked the document out of
> Russia for Wilfrid V and not 
> from an Italian Monastery. I accept that this may
> still not be the truth. If 
> the manuscript is a modern fake, it must have taken
> a very large amount of 
> effort and resources. I have never heard it said
> that Wilfrid V. was a forger 
> or skilled draughtman.

The evidence that the VMs came from the Villa
Mondragone was a handwritten letter by Ethel
Voynich, to be opened after her death. Both
Wilfrid and his wife kept the location from 
public knowledge during their lives. Lies
are usually 'maintained' the other way around:
told during lifetime, to be revoked on the
deathbed or in a document to be opened after.

The poster (if he is who he is) will have a lot
of very hard evidence to explain away...

Cheers, Rene

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