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Re: VMs: VMS in Russia?

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> The evidence that the VMs came from the Villa
> Mondragone was a handwritten letter by Ethel
> Voynich, to be opened after her death. Both
> Wilfrid and his wife kept the location from
> public knowledge during their lives. Lies
> are usually 'maintained' the other way around:
> told during lifetime, to be revoked on the
> deathbed or in a document to be opened after.

Still, this seems rather strange. Is the actual text
of that letter by EVW known? And who opened it?

When you mention the catalogue by J. Ruysschaert on your Web site,
you say:

    It does, however, describe Voynich's earlier purchase. 

What exactly does it say? Does it mention any item that
might be identified as the VMS?

I am just starting to wonder how sure we may really be that
the story of the VMS purchase is true? Does the Voynich's 
correspondence in the Beinecke library confirm that this
particular MS was among the items he bought? 

Perhaps it would be helpful to know what other items he
bought then and there. Is the information from:

  Bulletin of the Art Institute of Chicago, IX, 1915, p.100

available? His 1902 collection described in the von Schleinitz
article I summarized here not so long ago contained only
printed books.

Best regards,

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