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VMs: VMS in Russia?

In the BBC 4 forum following the vms programme somebody posted what follows: 

(long link, please mind the line reformatting).


re: The Voynich Manuscript WILFRID GAYE - 1st post - 23 Dec 2002 12:16
I found the programme very interesting. However, as my Mother was the adopted 
child of Wilfrid & Ethel Voynich, I have printed documentary material that 
states that Ethel V sneaked the document out of Russia for Wilfrid V and not 
from an Italian Monastery. I accept that this may still not be the truth. If 
the manuscript is a modern fake, it must have taken a very large amount of 
effort and resources. I have never heard it said that Wilfrid V. was a forger 
or skilled draughtman.

Hmm... I wonder what is that "documentary evidence" since V, in the end gave 
the name of the Villa Mondragone.

I did not know that W & E Voynich had adopted a child either.



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