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VMs: Merlons in the Southwest

I don't know about anybody else, but I had never noticed the merlons on the
southwest image
before. The northwest castle yes, but I don't recall anyone mentioning these
before. They
are a little strange though (what a surprise). The left side of the 'bridge'
shows the merlons
on only one wall, but the right side of the bridge 'appears' to have two
sides of the roadway
with merlons on both sides. Although, the merlons with the windows below
them appear to be drawn much
better and seem to be 'across the street' looking away from the roadway.


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Hi Anthony,

>I have four B&W VMS images which may be of interest. They were sitting on
>an old hard drive and at present I have no recollection of when or from
>whom I downloaded them. I have bunged them on-line just in case. My
>apologies if they belong to someone else.
>www.sphynx.demon.co.uk/voy_f86_ne.jpg [691KB]
>www.sphynx.demon.co.uk/voy_f86_nw.jpg [637KB]
>www.sphynx.demon.co.uk/voy_f86_se.jpg [643KB]
>www.sphynx.demon.co.uk/voy_f86_sw.jpg [649KB]

As Rob Hicks said, thank you for this superb Christmas present! :-)

So many details revealed, so little space to describe them:
- the "X" shape and its curious nested semicircular rings [se]
- the two tiny buildings right beside the canal [nw]
- the eight radial groups of stars in the corner rosette [sw]
- the row of (10?) swallow-tail merlons along the canal [sw]

Beneath the row of merlons there are tiny pairs of vertical strokes, like
tiny windows: this immediately reminded me of p.97 of Umberto Eco's novel
"Baudolino" [*] which I also got for Christmas... :-)

         "Now then", Boron said, "you must have heard the story
         of Alexander the Great, who arrived on the shores of the
         Ganges and supposedly reached a wall that followed the
         course of the river but had no gate, and after three days
         of sailing he saw in the wall a little window, at which an
         old man was looking out. The travelers asked that the
         city pay a tribute to Alexander, king of kings; but the
         old man replied that this was the city of the blest. It is
         impossible that Alexander, great king but a pagan, had
         arrived at the celestial city, and therefore what he and
         Tugdalus had seen was the Earthly Paradise."

I don't know if this is true, invented, or elaborated, but I thought it was
quite a nice echo. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

[*] "AKA Forrest Gump meets Emperor Frederick Barbarossa". I keep waiting
for Baudolino to say "vita boxum chocolatis resemblit", but he never does.

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