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Re: re RE: Voynich images [was Re: VMs: The Star Chart on f68r3]

Hi Anthony,

I have four B&W VMS images which may be of interest. They were sitting on an old hard drive and at present I have no recollection of when or from whom I downloaded them. I have bunged them on-line just in case. My apologies if they belong to someone else.
www.sphynx.demon.co.uk/voy_f86_ne.jpg [691KB]
www.sphynx.demon.co.uk/voy_f86_nw.jpg [637KB]
www.sphynx.demon.co.uk/voy_f86_se.jpg [643KB]
www.sphynx.demon.co.uk/voy_f86_sw.jpg [649KB]

As Rob Hicks said, thank you for this superb Christmas present! :-)

So many details revealed, so little space to describe them:
- the "X" shape and its curious nested semicircular rings [se]
- the two tiny buildings right beside the canal [nw]
- the eight radial groups of stars in the corner rosette [sw]
- the row of (10?) swallow-tail merlons along the canal [sw]

Beneath the row of merlons there are tiny pairs of vertical strokes, like tiny windows: this immediately reminded me of p.97 of Umberto Eco's novel "Baudolino" [*] which I also got for Christmas... :-)

        "Now then", Boron said, "you must have heard the story
        of Alexander the Great, who arrived on the shores of the
        Ganges and supposedly reached a wall that followed the
        course of the river but had no gate, and after three days
        of sailing he saw in the wall a little window, at which an
        old man was looking out. The travelers asked that the
        city pay a tribute to Alexander, king of kings; but the
        old man replied that this was the city of the blest. It is
        impossible that Alexander, great king but a pagan, had
        arrived at the celestial city, and therefore what he and
        Tugdalus had seen was the Earthly Paradise."

I don't know if this is true, invented, or elaborated, but I thought it was quite a nice echo. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

[*] "AKA Forrest Gump meets Emperor Frederick Barbarossa". I keep waiting for Baudolino to say "vita boxum chocolatis resemblit", but he never does. :-o

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