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Re: VMs: Update on f68r3

The single star near the Pleiades remains HIP 17954.
In the NE segment are Botein (inner) and Epsilon
Areitis (outer). In the SE segment are 4 Tauri (inner),
6 Tauri (left) and Xi Tauri (right). The SW segment
has Lambda Tauri (inner), HIP 19799 (next),
66 Tauri (left), and 46 Tauri (right).

It has to be said that most of these stars are extremely faint. My star atlas marks 4 Tauri as being a fifth magnitude star, barely visible to the naked eye under good conditions and invisible when the moon is nearby. (Taurus is overhead these winter evenings in the northern hemisphere, but we have light pollution in London and we don't get the view that mediaeval people had.)

Philip Neal

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