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Re: VMs: Update on f68r3

> May I ask if any of the stars you've highlighted/associated have any
> traditional names, rather than the more modern "xxxx Tauri" etc?

I've a copy of "Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning" that I will be
consulting about that.

> It may be that we can (tentatively) link them with the key stars
> traditionally associated with some of the 30 degrees of Taurus, for
> example. This might be an interesting exercise. :-)

The identities of the stars might still be a bit iffy, but the particular
spot in Taurus is not. The Moon, Sun, and planets all pass through
that exact place every year. What the significance if it is, I can't say.
I have observed that in the southernmost part of the path, the Moon
occults the Hyades. At its northernmost, the Pleiades. But the Moon
is shown in the part of its path between them.

> Also: nearly all the stars shown appear to lie in Taurus, but do the
> fall in Aries or Gemini?

The two in the NE segment are in Aries.


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