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Re: VMs: The Star Chart on f68r3

> I read somewhere the 7 pointed star was always interpreted as referring to
> the Pleiades.
> I like the date Robert came up with. There were 3 MINOR hits around that
> time. One double and one single. The single hit seems closest to the
> Robert gave. On top of everything else, if the event was strong enough,
> galactic core would have been visible from earth as a large star.

I started running the program at 1200 AD because it is the earliest age for
the VMs; no other reason. There would be two or three instances a century
where the Moon would occupy the spot indicated for a few years.

>BTW, Robert, if you are reading this, would you please go to this page and
> tell me what you think. This is just a "non-web" page I use to access
> things when I am away from home. It has to do with the constellation of
> Orion and the placing of the seven wonders of the world. I do not do
> astronomy. It was just something I saw one day. The larger pic is on top
> with a smaller version under it. The rest of the page has nothing to do
> with that. Just other things I had been pondering.
> http://users.gloryroad.net/~bigjim/hmm.htm

I'd suggest you look up a book called "The Message of the Sphinx" by
Hancock and Bauval. It definately relates.


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