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Re: VMs: The Star Chart on f68r3

At 05:41 PM 12/26/2002 +0000, you wrote:
Hi Jim,

From the looks of things the information was found, collected, and saved as the VMS.
This leaves the "plant and nymph" pictures. What do they have to do with a destruction on earth? Evidentially, nothing. How much time is wasted on them? They seem to do exactly what they were intended to do. Divert attention from the text.

FWIW, from all the art history analysis of the VMS I've done, there's a pretty good chance that I can now account for the plant and nymph sections: the zodiac section I'm kind of 50-50 about,

I wish we had the VMS Aquarius page. The work I have done on the Zodiac shows it to be an ancient memory device connected to the destruction. Le Serpent Rouge zodiacal information, as it sits, is a cute historical overview. The "added" 13th zodiacal sign is placed directly between Scorpio and Sagittarius. This happens to be the direction the destruction is coming from.
On the VMS Pisces page, the one word in the very center I had translated some time ago. It says exactly what I would have expected to see: Moving towards the time / season from on high. Aquarius is the time. Pisces was too soon.

but the cosmological part (that interests you most) seems (to my eyes, at least) to have come from a separate (and currently unknown) source entirely.

Ahh..ok. THIS approach would make a lot of sense.
There is a picture I see in history. After the 5200 BC event, when everything changed "doctrinally," there was a group that became more "hidden" than any group I have ever heard of. They were the original keepers of the destruction information. I have NO idea who they are. I call them the Elders for lack of a better term. It was these people who, despite the new religious oppression, continued to keep the original doctrinal information concerning the destruction in its original form. It was this group that left only their fingerprint in history. They were responsible for the change in the story of Sumerian King Ziusudra, from a local flood event, to a world-wide flood with a divine intervention / salvation scenario. They last popped up during the formation of early Christian doctrine. Their insert was the future destruction information, with again, a divine intervention salvation scenario mixed with Jewish immanent apocalyptic beliefs. After this...they disappeared. If what I see in the Graal core material is right, their information is now in the hands of "others."

Also: though the 9-rosette map page seems to tie in to the same time and place as the herbals and the bath sections, I can't currently assert that it is from the same source as them.

From all this, I infer that the content of the VMS is a heterogenous group of manuscripts, which was encoded by its owner.
This would make the encoding related not to the *content* but to the *owner*. By identifying the owner, then, we should improve our chances of working out the code.

Unless it is a wild card player. Some unknown third party "hired" to encode it?
I like your idea. There seems to be just TOO MUCH information here for it all to all relate to the destruction.

In addition, I'm fascinated by Robert's suggestions about f68r3, most specifically about the difference between six-point stars (fake stars, background) and seven-point stars (real stars, foreground). By itself, this observation (if verifiable) points to the diagrams in the VMS as containing *diagrammatic information*.

I read somewhere the 7 pointed star was always interpreted as referring to the Pleiades.
I like the date Robert came up with. There were 3 MINOR hits around that time. One double and one single. The single hit seems closest to the figure Robert gave. On top of everything else, if the event was strong enough, the galactic core would have been visible from earth as a large star.

BTW, Robert, if you are reading this, would you please go to this page and tell me what you think. This is just a "non-web" page I use to access things when I am away from home. It has to do with the constellation of Orion and the placing of the seven wonders of the world. I do not do astronomy. It was just something I saw one day. The larger pic is on top with a smaller version under it. The rest of the page has nothing to do with that. Just other things I had been pondering.

This isn't a trivial point - everyone here has examined the diagrams and "seen" patterns, but proving that the modes of representation in there (ie, number of points on a star, colour of a star, etc) are actually being used to carry meaningful information would be a very big step forward in positing signal over noise, code rather than gull. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: a further possibility is that, on other diagrams (such as f67v1), the number of points on a star could instead be representing its magnitude (ie, a primitive measure of "foregroundness"). Going clockwise from 12 o'clock (inside outwards), the number of points on f67v1 are (from the CopyFlo)

I like to leave these things to people who know far more than I do about them. If the historical overview I have is correct, and it seems to be, then all pieces reconstructed by individual detailists will fit exactly where they belong in the bigger picture. Robert mentions Pleiades. Pleiades is destruction information that connects to the event by way of the galactic anti-center. He has a date. There was a minor superwave hit about then. Something is here.


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