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VMs: Re: Star Magnitudes within Manuscript

> I agree that the number of points on a star would be the best
> way of showing its magnitude.
> Are there any stars shown with anything other than 6 or 7 points?

Looking at folios with stars, I don't see any with fewer than 6 points.
But I do note other mofications-- Some have a dot in the center,
some a circle, and some filled circles. I note some filled stars, as
well. On f68r2 a star below the Moon seems to have a circle and
a dot, but I am not sure.

Just those variations can cover a wide range of magnitudes. 

I note on f68r3 all of the identified stars, including the Pleiades,
are plain 7-pointers.

Name            Magnitude

NW Segment
HIP 17954    5.2
Pleiades        ---

NE Segment
Botein            4.3
Eps Areitis     4.6

SE Segment
4 Tauri           5.1
6 Tauri           5.7
Omicron Tau  3.6

SW Segment
HIP 19799    5.2
66 Tauri        5.1
46 Tauri        5.5

Of course, when the VMs was made, magnitudes
had to be estimated by eye. It will take the identification
of other stars to see if there is a set pattern.


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