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Re: VMs: Re: Star Magnitudes within Manuscript

Hi Robert,

At 12:09 28/12/02 -0500, Robert Teague wrote:
> Are there any stars shown with anything other than 6 or 7 points?

Looking at folios with stars, I don't see any with fewer than 6 points.

AFAICR, six appeared to be the minimum number of points in a star (though if anyone can point to any counter-examples, please feel free to do so!) :-)

But I do note other mofications-- Some have a dot in the center,
some a circle, and some filled circles. I note some filled stars, as

FYI, one of the theories (specifically for stars in the zodiac section) is that these modifications (colour, dottedness, etc) represent a codification of binary information relating a particular degree.

For example, a red-coloured star could well represent an auspicious time for blood-letting, a yellow-coloured star not so good: similarly, a dotted star could represent a male conception, an undotted one female conception. Quite what a yellow star with a red blob in the middle would represent I don't know - remember that these are in colour! :-o

Also: there were a number of different (and quite complex) numerological formulae used for calculating these kinds of information: but this simpler per-degree system may well have formed another tradition, generally in line with Pietro d'Abano's astrology (and other similar systems).

If the star pointedness can be shown to be a representation of magnitude (however crude), that would be a quite fascinating correlation. :-)

There were some postings earlier in the year about the star Regulus (which is traditionally associated with 7 degrees Leo): if you look at the inner ring of nymphs on the Leo volvelle, the seventh nymph clockwise round from 9 o'clock (dawn?) has a crown (hence the Regulus inference) - but what might also be interesting is that the crowned nymph's star has 9 points. How bright is Regulus?

It's also important to point out that there is some visual evidence supporting the idea that 0 degrees falls at 9 o'clock:
(1) look at the large gap on the inner ring on the Sagittarius volvelle (and also on Virgo).
(2) text separators (on the rings around the nymphs) often falls around 9 o'clock, eg:
f71r Light Aries (middle & outer)
f72r2 Gemini (middle)
f72r3 Cancer (two middle)
f72v1 Libra (middle)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: bah! - I can't find my list of the numbers of points in the stars in the zodiac section. Guess I'll have to do them all again (but remember to post them this time)... :-(

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