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Re: VMs: Time line

--- "Rafal T. Prinke" <rafalp@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Gabriel Landini wrote:
> > Who discovered Kinner's letter (was it you Rene?).
> Actually, it was you, Gabriel :-) 
> I reported on 15 Apr 2002 the letter was quoted in a
> Czech book 
> on Marci by Servit - and on 16 Apr 2002 you posted
> the link
> to the on-line collection.

I remember it. The quote from Servit was all-
improtant since it led both to the first hard
information about Baresch (in Marci's book) and
the Kinner letter. Thanks, Rafal.

And, really, there are still scores of potentially
interesting letters in the Kircher collection that
have not yet been checked for 'Voynich' contents.

Cheers, Rene

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