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Re: VMs: new revelations

Nick Pelling wrote:

> *Excellent* stuff, well done! :-)

I will try to pursue this trail - unfortunately the biographical
dictionary of Polish revolutionaries stopped at letter K when
communism collapsed :-)

> I believe that Voynich wanted credibility as a rare book-dealer, but
> without having to continually do clandestine deals to place MS that perhaps
> should have stayed put (such as that which I imagine him to have brokered
> with the SJ)... which is what he saw in the VMS' shattered mirror, but
> never achieved.

At that time he had already been internationally recognized
- but I am still buffled by the number of catalogues
he issued at the turn of the centuries, with probably hundreds
of "otherwise unknown" incunabula and MSS. 

I will have a look at the 1901 catalogue later this week
(they have it in Poznan University Library). BTW: the call
number starts with 666. Are we inside a cheap movie?

> However, YODIMV (your own dialectical interpretation may vary). :-)

A thought has been germinating at the back of my head
which I tried to suppress... but one of Voynich's cypher
letters says: "I will bring you 250 books and also have
a real passport factory here". And then I found this on the Net:


Can Bancroft Library be checked where they bought that MS?

Best regards,

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