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Re: VMs: new revelations

Hi Rafal,

At 20:19 30/12/02 +0100, Rafal T. Prinke wrote:
The police searching the flats of Wilfryd's collaborators
found some letters written by him in cypher (yes, CYPHER!)
and using chemical "sympathetic" ink!

*Excellent* stuff, well done! :-)


My guess... is that Voynich's cipher background may have helped him to be hypnotised by the VMS, in the same way I imagine Edward Kelly's background (as a would-be magician and son of an apothecary) to have helped him be captivated by it.

Perhaps, then, to Voynich, Newbold, perhaps Kelly, and no doubt many others, the VMS acted like a shattered distorting mirror, giving them glimpses (but no more!) of what they wanted to see in it - themselves as they aspired to be.

I believe that Voynich wanted credibility as a rare book-dealer, but without having to continually do clandestine deals to place MS that perhaps should have stayed put (such as that which I imagine him to have brokered with the SJ)... which is what he saw in the VMS' shattered mirror, but never achieved.

However, YODIMV (your own dialectical interpretation may vary). :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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