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Re: VMs: Re: Looking for Wilfrid Gaye

> It may be that there is at least some truth to both stories
> here, a document smuggled out of Russia (though not the VMs)
> by Ethel Voynich and the VMs found at Mondragone. I find it
> hard to understand why an antiquarian would want to do this
> (smuggle document), unless he had a private buyer particularly
> interested in the specific manuscript, the value of which had
> already been established or who was an avid collector of Roger

Doesn't seem odd to me: if Wilfrid and Ethel Voynich had an
illicit source of documents (whether in Italy or Russia), they
would want to keep that source safe in case they wanted to go
back to the well later.

> Bacon documents, perhaps. Hmm, I wonder if Wilfrid Gaye was
> named after Wilfrid Voynich?

I think it likely.  Considering that Hugh O'Neill wrote to Leonell
C. Strong that Anne M. Nill was Mrs. Voynich's adopted daughter, I
think it's also quite possible that she later married a Mr. Gaye.
	Jim Gillogly
	8 Afteryule S.R. 2003, 19:31, 11 Ix 7 Kankin, Eighth Lord of Night

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