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VMs: new revelations

As it is often the case, a day after publishing the biographical
sketch on WMV on my Website, I found new information - and very
exciting. So I have removed the page I announced yesterday
and put there a portrait of young Voynich - now known to be really
Michal Wojnicz, while "Wilfryd" was his conspiracy pseudonym
(maybe taken from Adolphe Adam's Romantic ballet Giselle
or its original sory by Heine). So I was right when I wrote
not so long ago that Wilfryd was a rather impossible name
for a Pole at that time.


I have checked a book on the court process of the "second"
_Proletarjat_ (ie. revived after the original organisation
had been smashed by the secret police two years earlier).
Voynich was a very important activist - listed as no. 4
of those accused of conspiracy.

And now the hard core stuff: his job in the organisation
was forging passports, making types for printing blank
forms, setting up a secret printing press, etc.!

The police searching the flats of Wilfryd's collaborators
found some letters written by him in cypher (yes, CYPHER!)
and using chemical "sympathetic" ink!


Best regards,

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