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VMs: Siberia

This may be a coincidence, but...

Voynich was exiled not to Irkutsk but to a place nearby
called Tunka. Now there is a National Park - and I found
this interesting note (among others) on the Web:

   The park's borders are coterminous with those of the Tunkinsky 
   Administrative Raion of Buriatia (roughly equivalent to a U.S. 
   county). The park is in a transitional ecological zone between 
   the Mongolian steppes and the Siberian taiga (Galaziy, Baikal 
   Atlas, 1993). Throughout the park there are numerous mineral 
   springs, which attract many Buriat and Russian tourists because 
   of their medicinal benefits, but also because of their religious 
   significance in Buriat culture. [...] Other sites throughout 
   the region have historical-cultural or religious (Buddhist 
   and shamanic) significance for Buriats as well.

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