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VMs: Re: What's in a name?

Hello René,
The following articles refer to Wilfred M. Voynich:
The Most Mysterious Manuscript In The World
Did Roger Bacon Write It And Has The Key Been Found?
By John Manly, Ph.D., Litt.D.
Harper's Monthly Magazine, Volume CXLIII (143), July 1921, pp.186-197
"Mr. Wilfred M. Voynich"
Roger Bacon And The Voynich MS
By John Matthews Manly
A Journal Of Medieval Studies
Volume VI, 1931, pp.345-391
Credit Microscope To Dark Age Friar
New York Times
March 26, 1921, p.6, col.1
"Dr. Wilfred M. Voynich"
Bacon 700 Years Ahead In Science
New York Times
March 27, 1921, Second Section II, p.1, col.1
Cipher Debunked But Not Decoded
New York Times
May 6, 1975, p.41, col.7; continued on p.54, col.3
"Wilfred Voynich"
Roger Bacon's Formula Yields Copper Salts,
Proving Newbold Secret Cipher Translation
New York Times
December 12, 1926, p.5, col.4
Mr. W. M. Voynich
The London Times
March 22, 1930, p.17, col.2
"Mr. Wilfred Michael Voynich"
Art Works Worth
$1,500,000 Arrive to Escape War
The Chicago Daily Tribune
October 9, 1915, p.1, col.2
Can't Read It? You Can Look at the Pictures
By Michael Pollack
New York Times (I believe this is right)
September 16, 1999, p.G11
"Wilfred M. Voynich"
In addition there are about 50 hits for Wilfred Voynich on the Internet.
Dana Scott
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Dana wrote:

> I learned today that Wilfred (also seen as Wilfrid)
> M. Voynich's name was originally Habdank-Woynicz. I
> still do not know where Wilfred originated from? 

Actually, the spelling Wilfred seems to come
from one source only, and if I am not mistaken it
is Poundstone.
Wilfrid is the more common spelling. In full,
it is Wilfrid Michael.

I'd be interested to know where you saw Wilfred.

Cheers, Rene

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