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VMs: Fw: What's in a name?

Here is some additional information related to this article:
It was written by
Paula Morris, D.Phil.,
Brooklyn, New York
Drabble, Margaret,ed. The Oxford Companion to English Literature.
5th ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1985.
Shattock, Joanne: The Oxford Guide to British Women Writers.
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1993.
Dana Scott 
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Subject: What's in a name?
I learned today that Wilfred (also seen as Wilfrid) M. Voynich's name was originally Habdank-Woynicz. I still do not know where Wilfred originated from? 
Voynich, Ethel (1864-1960)
Women in World History
A Biographical Encyclopedia
Vol. 16 Vict-X, p. 85
Anne Commure, Editor
Deborah Klezmer, Associate Editor
Yorkin Publications
Gale Group, Thomson Learning
ISBN 0-7876-4075-1
Habdank ("Thank you" in German, for those of us who didn't know):
Dana Scott