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VMs: Voynich Biography

For anyone interested in reading a delightful biography on Wilfrid M. Voynich I recommend the book titled "Rare People & Rare Books" by E. (Emily) Millicent Sowerby. Emily had been employed by Mr. Voynich at the London branch of his Antiquarian business and writes about him in Part 1 of her book. The book also includes the full shot picture of Wilfrid Michael Voynich that we are familiar with where he is dressed in a suit with one arm up holding a cigarette in his right hand. I learned about this book from a Dr. Beatrice Gottlieb who had investigated the biography of Ethel Voynich. The book is not as in depth and detailed a biography as I would have liked it to be, but it does convey a wonderful picture of the personality of Wilfrid Voynich.  
Voynich Picture:
Rare People & Rare Books
By E. (Emily) Millicent Sowerby
With A New Introduction
By Edwin Wolf 2nd
The Bookpress
Williamsburg, Virginia
First Published in 1967 by Constable and Company
You can find the book for sale on the Internet:
Dana Scott