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VMs: Happy New Year 2003

Happy New Year & all the best for 2003!

In re: new revelations

If Wilfryd (I mean, er, Michal) was the author, our friend cryptographers at
the NSA's nouvelle Black Chamber may have been well aware of the hoax before
investing... how many hours?  in their own post-d'Imperio/Currier decryption
effort (unless that effort, too, happens to be but an obscure urban legend).

Who knows, maybe they did feel compelled to work on it in the first place
because of its "contemporary Soviet" cipher nature...

Ok - now it's really starting to sound like some Michael Crichton novel...

BTW, is that NSA research still classified? Besides the obvious, I always
wanted to know how many people were really involved in the team(s).

Best wishes to all,


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