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Re: VMs: new revelations

On Monday 30 Dec 2002 11:06 pm, Nick Pelling wrote:
> Rafal wrote:
>> A thought has been germinating at the back of my head
>> which I tried to suppress... but one of Voynich's cypher
>> letters says: "I will bring you 250 books and also have
>> a real passport factory here".

> Is that the thought you suppressed this: that Voynich probably originally
> made his money selling faked manuscripts, which were produced by his
> European network of forger buddies? This would be consistent with pretty
> much everything we know about him, so we shouldn't be *too* surprised.

Let's not get too excited with conspiracy theories :-)
What was the letter about?

Another possibility that Rene suggested (and Gerry Kennedy mentions in the 
BBC4 programme in relation to Marci's letter) is that the Kircher 
correspondence (Baresch, Marci and Kinner's) are all genuine, but the MS is a 
forgery made to fit the letters.
However, I understand that the Baresch and Kinner letters were archived in a 
different location than the vms and so if this was a forgery by V, we was 
very lucky indeed that these other letters existed.

To my taste there are 2 pieces of evidence that would rule out completely a 
forgery (by V): 
1. The Baresch letter (1637) with some transcription sent via Moretus (which 
has not been found, but I cannot recall how we know about this letter).
2. The "schaedata" of the 1939 letter from Baresch to Kircher.

If any of these included transcription looking like Voynichese, that would 
completely rule out a modern forgery (I think)


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