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Re: VMs: Re: VMS in Russia?

On Wednesday 01 Jan 2003 3:37 pm, Rafal T. Prinke wrote:
> Rene Zandbergen wrote:
> > For example, in one letter from a Jesuit father
> > (rank unknown) it was made clear that the high-ranked
> > Jesuit in charge of the Mondragone (rector?) was
> > not allowed to know of the sale.
> So, in other (plain) words, someone was stealing
> the mss, knowing that the collection would be sent
> to Vatican, and selling them to Voynich?

Maybe it was not as clear cut as that. If the books/mss sold in 1912 belonged 
to the "private collection of Petrus Beckx" then who knows the arrangements 
that could have been made regarding the ownership and how items ended up at 
the Villa Mondragone.

BTW, does anybody know whether any other items were "sent" or "sold" to the 


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