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Re: VMs: Re: VMS in Russia?

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> What appeared to me from the correspondence was
> that it should have stayed a secret forever.
> For example, in one letter from a Jesuit father
> (rank unknown) it was made clear that the high-ranked
> Jesuit in charge of the Mondragone (rector?) was
> not allowed to know of the sale.

So, in other (plain) words, someone was stealing
the mss, knowing that the collection would be sent
to Vatican, and selling them to Voynich?

> In the letter, Ethel V. writes that Wilfrid told
> her where it came from, since she was his wife,
> but she could not tell anyone. Then, we she got
> older, she realised that with her death this
> information would be lost, so she wrote the
> letter, to be opened after her death.

Did she mentioned the VMS explicitely? Or did she
just mention the 1912 purchase? Any other (earlier)
purchases? What does the other correspondence of Voynich
directly with the Mondragone people say concerning
the items bought then?

Is the Ethel Lilian's letter dated? This might be
important as she lived to be 96 - and her memory
may have not been perfect.

Best regards,

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