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Re: VMs: new revelations

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> At the same time, however, I would be careful
> not to jump to conclusions. How many of the MSs
> he acquired from 'an undisclosed source in
> Europe' in 1912 were from his pen?
> I am open to all valid evidence.

There is none :-)  But rather than suggesting the 1912
acquisitions where forged, I would rather be tempted to think
that the Mondragone stuff was genuine and may have been
used to "wash" some suspect items acquired earlier.
That's why scrutinizing the Ethel Lilian's letter 
is so important.

> But, the Voynich MS has been judged by all
> experts who saw it as a genuine 15C MS.

And so was the Gospel Lectionary of Berkeley - until
they put it into the cyclotrone :-)

> If it were a 1900 Russian cipher, wouldn't
> it be solved by now???

I am not even suggesting it can be the same cypher/cipher
(BTW: are both form equally correct?) - just that Voynich
was not new to cyphers and could have devised something
that looked like cypher. The letters were decoded
by the Ochrana, apparently (or a traitor gave them
the codes).

Best regards,

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