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Re: VMs: new revelations

Gabriel Landini wrote:

> Let's not get too excited with conspiracy theories :-)
> What was the letter about?

There are 4 known letters - written with chemical ink and
"partly in cypher". They are not reproduced in full in
the book I have, as it is an edition of the court process
papers and the letters are quoted by the attorney.
They are about conspiracy matters - getting types, passports,
books (as I mentioned earlier), also getting money through
selling pamphlets and photographs of executed revolutionists.

The letters are (or at least were in the 1960's) in an archive
in Moscow (the call numbers are quoted in editorial footnotes).

I wouldn't expect them to be written in Voynichese or EVA :-)

What really counts is that Voynich had had previous experience
with cyphers and chemical inks. The book also says (but not
concerning Wojnicz directly) that the prisoners in the Citadel
were allowed to receive books - and their friends outside 
sent them "ordinary" books with chemicals inside the binding
which they then used for making sympathetic ink to write letters
on page margings which could be read when the books were returned.

Best regards,

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