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Re: VMs: new revelations

Jim Gillogly wrote:

> Here's one, but it doesn't give a source for the information:
> http://www.pgil-eirdata.org/html/pgil_datasets/authors/v/Voynich,EL/life.htm
> "Count" Wilfrid Mikhail Voynich??

The "Count" piece is obviously unfounded - but he was from
a petty gentry family. 

> I don't suppose Voynich was in exile out there when the Tunguska
> event happened in 1908.  Just what kind of chemicals was he playing with?

No, he arrived in London in 1890. The place in Siberia where
he had been exiled was Tunka - a couple of thousands (?) miles
to the south, near Irkutsk and the Mongolian border, in
the country of the Buryats.

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