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Re: VMs: Old and new revelations

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> If the VMs is a modern (19th-C) fake, it is
> completely unrealistic to think that Voynich was
> aware of it.

I agree. Especially as I have now found a reproduction
of one of the conspiracy cypher letters (not sure if
one of those written by Voynich but I guess they used
the same system) - and it is based on numeric code
where every 2 digits represent one letter. The police
found the codebook and lots of letters when they raided
the flat of Maria Bohuszowiczowna, the main leader
at the time, who was sentenced together with Voynich
and died on the way to Siberia. Her diary written 
en route has been published - I will have a look at it.

Moreover, the police intercepted most letters
(one of the group members was a traitor) and there is
a police report saying that they can read those
written in sympathetic ink and then return them to
the original condition, so that they could be sent on
to the adressee. So the ink was not very sophisticated,

But - to add confirmation to Rene's original conspiracy
theory - one of the Polish books says he attempted
suicide in Siberia (an a number of his colleagues
actually commited it - some already in the Warsaw Citadel,
while others - like Bohuszowiczowna mentioned above -
did not survive the transportation) and was sent to
hospital in Irkutsk, from which he escaped.

Best regards,

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