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Re: VMs: Nice intro on www.voynich.net

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> The text immediately raised two issues.
> First, it made me look at the message from
> Wilfrid Gaye again, and I realise that he never
> implied that the MS was a fake. Just that it
> came out of Russia. That's a very different
> proposition altogether.

Note that he says:

   I have printed documentary material that states that 
   Ethel V sneaked the document out of Russia for Wilfrid V.

How can it be printed? Maybe he refers to the Fremantle
article in History Today, where she says:

   Then Ethel Lilian went home to London, smuggling
   a manuscript out for Stepniak.

That was, however, in 1889, before she met Wilfryd.

Later she went on another trip - but to Lvov, which was
then in Austria, not Russia. That was in 1894.

Thus - if there is truth in what Wilfrid Gaye says,
the VMS may have been smuggled out from Lvov, Galicia.

As you may remember, last spring I showed samples
of the VMS to a Turkology professor, a specialist
in Armeno-Kipcak language (used by the local community
of Armenians in Lvov in teh 16th/17th c.) - but he did not
recognize anything known to him. Moreover, he also showed
it to some other turkologists at an international conference
with the same effect.

Has anyone succeed in contacting Mr. Gaye for more info?

Best regards,

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