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VMs: Nice intro on www.voynich.net

Whoever wrote the introduction to the VMs
(I am pretty sure it must be Jim G.) did a nice
concise job. 

Will the site be a mirror (or primary source)
for other information too?

The text immediately raised two issues.
First, it made me look at the message from
Wilfrid Gaye again, and I realise that he never
implied that the MS was a fake. Just that it
came out of Russia. That's a very different
proposition altogether.

Secondly, I read the long forgotten statement
that 6 of the lost folios were lost after 
Voynich bought the VMs. I remember this was
discussed in the early years (of the list).
Wasn't it suspected that this was due to an
oversight of X, who presented a perhaps incomplete
list of missing pages (where X could be Newbold
or perhaps Manly)?

Cheers, Rene

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