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Re: VMs: Nice intro on www.voynich.net

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

Whoever wrote the introduction to the VMs
(I am pretty sure it must be Jim G.) did a nice
concise job.

Thanks, that was indeed me.

Will the site be a mirror (or primary source)
for other information too?

Yes, I think it will be a nice central location.  I don't intend to detract
or distract from the other excellent websites, though, so I'll ask before
mirroring anything.  If anyone has anything they don't have a good place
for, let me know off-list and I'll see whether I agree voynich.net is a
good place for it.

Secondly, I read the long forgotten statement
that 6 of the lost folios were lost after Voynich bought the VMs. I remember this was
discussed in the early years (of the list).
Wasn't it suspected that this was due to an
oversight of X, who presented a perhaps incomplete
list of missing pages (where X could be Newbold
or perhaps Manly)?

There was indeed a suggestion that this was an oversight, but this is
untenable.  Newbold is very careful and explicit in identifying the folios
in each section.  He also identifies which ones are text only and which
include pictures, so it's possible to determine the general concept of
what was on those lost leaves.  I'm in Hawaii at the moment and my
system isn't totally connected yet, and I'm missing the notes I made last
week while I was researching that issue, but I did go through the bot
section carefully to compare them, and made that determination.  I think
there was one side of text only, and the rest included pictures.

I wonder whether there's anything in Miss Anne M. Niss's letters
(either in the Beinecke or in the possession of Wilfrid Gaye (who
I conjecture is her son)) that would indicate that they sent some of
the actual folios to someone else for testing.

Jim Gillogly

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