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RE: VMs: Latin Abbreviations online offer for 49 ?

Title: AW: VMs: Latin Abbreviations online offer for 49 ?
Re used books:   The best site I have found is
this site searches several search sites!
Happy hunting
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Subject: AW: VMs: Latin Abbreviations online offer for 49 ?

I found this offer:

This is a PC/MAC program for identifying Latin Abbr.


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On Saturday 04 Jan 2003 3:21 pm, GC wrote:
> I'm trying to compile a list of web-based images that provide
> examples of Latin abbreviations similar to some of the characters
> in the VMS.  I remember several postings about a year ago on this
> subject.  Any help?

I suggest that you trace a copy of Cappelli's dictionary of Latin and Italian
abbreviations. I is still in print and it is not too expensive (I got mine
for about 30 euros).



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