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VMs: Suggestions for keywords...?

Hi everyone,

What kind of keywords do you think the mailing list archives would most usefully be hyperlinked by?

For testing, I put the following short list in (as well as the page numbers): the first entry on each line is the page (or folder) name, and all subsequent entries contain searchable synonyms for that thing - hence "Istanbul", "Constantinople", etc.

new Array("People/"),
new Array("Wilfrid_Voynich",		"Wilfrid Voynich", "Wylfrid Voynich", "WMV"),
new Array("John_Dee",			"Dr John Dee", "John Dee"),
new Array("Edward_Kelly",		"Edward Kelly", "Edward Kelley", "Kelly", "Kelley"),
new Array("Athanasius_Kircher",	"Athanasius Kircher", "Kircher"),
new Array("Kinner",			"Kinner"),
new Array("Michael_Sendivogius",	"Michael Sendivogius", "Sendivogius"),

new Array("Places/"),
new Array("Prague",			"Prague", "Praha"),
new Array("Istanbul",			"Istanbul", "Constantinople", "Byzantium"),
new Array("Edirne",			"Edirne", "Adrianople"),

Other ways of cross-linking the archives could include:
	Topics		->	Graphology, Palaeography, etc?

Your suggestions? <fx: opens floodgates> :-o

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: as this is probably going to expand and evolve over time, it may well be that this would best be migrated ASAP to an on-line database, which would then (using, say, PHP or Perl) generate the appropriate JavaScript (and all the link pages) automatically. Just a thought! :-)

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