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Re: VMs: Suggestions for keywords...?

A few possibilities that occur to me would be:

1.    The "usual suspects" - names of people that recurr frequently in discussion (John Dee,
Athanasius Kircher, etc.)
2.    Names of languages, to bring together postings of the "could the VMS be
Chinese/Nahuatl/Bulgarian etc."
3.    Keywords for particular theories that have been discussed a lot, such as the
"core-mantle-crust" theory.
4.    Words that have become technical terms in VMS discussion over the years (e.g. "gallows
characters", "weirdos", "hands", maybe "quires").
5.   Words related to particular perrenial areas of inquiry: the origin of the VMS, Voynich
himself, identification of flowers or constellations, and so on.


Nick Pelling wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> What kind of keywords do you think the mailing list archives would most
> usefully be hyperlinked by?

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