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Re: VMs: Suggestions for keywords...?

Hi everyone,

A little more thinking out loud...

A lot of the keywords would be much better expressed as Perl regular expressions:-

new Array("Wilfrid_Voynich", "W[iy]lfr[iy]d (Michal )?Voynich", "(Michal )?Wojnicz",
new Array("John_Dee", "(Dr )?John Dee",),
new Array("Edward_Kelly", "(Edward )?Kell(e)?y"),
new Array("Athanasius_Kircher", "(Athanasius )?Kircher"),

FWIW, I plan to replace " " with "\s+" within these search terms (so as to find multi-word matches across line-breaks), though I haven't ~quite~ got round to doing this yet. :-o

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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