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Re: VMs: evmt site

On Wednesday 08 Jan 2003 5:59 pm, Rafal T. Prinke wrote:
> From Strong letters it seems that ELV and Miss Nill were
> co-owners after 1930. Perhaps not so important distinction
> but I would say:
> ELV & AMN - co-owners 1930-1960
> AMN - sole owner 1960-1961?

I checked this, but this seems to be other people's comments (Friedman's and 
Erla Rodakiewicz's).

And also a letter from O'Neill: (25 Jan 1945)
"The original MS belongs to Mrs. Voynich who, I am told,
keeps it in the vault of a bank in New York.  On account of Mrs.
Voynich advanced age, I think Miss Nill, her adopted daughter
takes care of her correspondence."

There is, though, a letter from Strong to O'Neill (1945?) that mentions:  "I 
had a talk with Miss Nill.. Either she is unwilling to let me have access to 
a photostatic copy of the Voynich or she is too busy to talk the matter over 
further with me or due to the unsettled condition of the Voynich estate, a 
photostatic copy of the Voynich will not or cannot be made available to me."

I cannot remember where I read that Mrs. Voynich left it in her will to 
provide form Ms. Nill retirement. Is it in D'Imperio?



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