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VMs: Re: OT: Followers of Barry Fell

Wow, they have created a whole new alternate history of the New World, with
Lug as the major diety. I am kinda surprised they missed the raven
IRC, tribes in the Pacific Northwest believed the raven taught men magic and
The raven was Lug's symbol and whispered intelligence, strategy and suggests
on the
use of magic in his ear during combat.

If you see connections in everything, you gotta be right sometimes:)

> Kircher sounds more and more like Barry Fell. Take a look at his link:
> http://www.equinox-project.com/index-p.htm
> Ah, if only Fell was still alive! We'd only have to tell him about the
> VMS. And presto, we'd have the solution the morning after!
> Frogguy

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