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Re: VMs: Re. VMS Thumbnail images


--- ajb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I've done a few more of those thumbnail
> jpegs. Put them in a directory
> www.sphynx.demon.co.uk/VMS_Thumbnails
> to see what everyone things about the
> quality, level of compression etc. I wanted to keep
> them small for downloading but are they good enough?

Thanks! That looks quite good to me.
It only takes a very short time to appear,
and has about the size I had in mind. Of course,
others may wish to say something about it.
About the file naming, the standard folio naming
convention is from Jim Reeds' original checklist,
which is turn derives from the usage in D'Imperio
I have also followed it consistently (I hope) on
my web site.

We're looking at about 17 kB per image, so 
that is about 4 MB altogether. Like I said, I
could host them, but perhaps this type of general
material could go to voynich.net (?)

Cheers, Rene

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