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RE: VMs: RE: Mailing list magic...

Is writing a (next/NEW) VMS: page strictly in ~old HTML code~ still
steve (are _all_ RFC's outdated now?) ekwall

John, you wrote:-----
 Sorry Rafal,
 	I do realize that there are brand new antiques being created all the time.
 By antique, in this case - I was
 referring to the DOM in use. The reason the newest Netscapes 6.2+ work with
 Nick's script is because they
 are above DOM zero, and far more compliant with all the other browsers. I'm
 not saying that Netscape is a poor
 browser - just that the early versions were too proprietary for their own
 good. W3C standards have pushed
 the major vendors to adapt a better designed DOM. Trying to write for these
 older browsers dramatically increases
 the workload, and it is for this reason that the W3C is taking action to
 move to standards. No one should have to
 write five or six different versions of a script to be compatible with every
 operating system and browser combination.
 The browsers have to become standard and use as little proprietary
 behaviours as possible.
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 Nick Pelling wrote:
 > If I can fix it up to work under NS4.76, all well & good... but (as John
 > pointed out) incompatibility with such an antique hardly amounts to the
 > greatest loss to the world. :-)
 Just for the record - it does not work on NS 4.8, either. This
 is the recent (2002) upgrade of 4.7x. Not antique at all! :-)
 Best regards,

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