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Re: VMs: Declaration of WAR against EVA

Larry Roux
Syracuse University
>>> glenclaston@xxxxxxxxx 03/02/03 23:29 PM >>>
Jacques wrote:

...ranting removed ...

"Do you enjoy having to type two, three, or even four
characters to represent a single common Voynich glyph?"

In this I agree...and disagree.  Like you, I see some characters that are input as multiple EVA characters as being 1 character.  However, some in EVA entered as 1 I think are 2 (or more).  

We each see the glyphs from our own viewpoint.  In many of the French docs I look at from the late 17th - mid 18th century your "m" (eva: in) is identical to "ud" at the end of words.  8 is the "oui" sound too [from french eight - huit].  So I think of dain as "huiaud" when I look at it.  Similarly, French uses 9 as the "neuf" (9embre) sound sometimes.  So I get all confused (what else is new)

I would rather have just one version of the character set tooling around rather than 3 (or more) as it makes sharing difficult...but I guess each font has it's own characteristics - some meant to show the glyphs as closely to what the manuscript looks like and others to "sound" like something.

BTW: while writing in cursive I put two lines next to each other and put one line going across both to make "tt".  Would that be one glyph or 2?  Obviously it is meant as 2, but if someone had never seen cursive and did not know the character set they might read this either way.  Of course, when writing quickly (ie meetings) I tend to write an a with a line over it for "and".  Some people think I write in an unknown language anyways <grin>
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