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Re: VMs: Declaration of WAR against EVA

Dear all,

without going into all the details of the message
of GC, there is a difference between 'transcription'
and 'interpretation'.  If we have to decide first
what is one character, or one sound, or one unit 
of information, before we transcribe, we would 
still be at square zero today.

Transcription, for me, is rendering the text
into an electronic form for computer processing.
I should say, specifically: transcription of
the Voynich MS. This is different from transcription
of any text in any known alphabet.

It is a fair complaint that Eva (like Frogguy) is
probably using several characters  to represent
units of character, sound or information. The 
opposite is probably true for Currier. As long
as we remain aware of this it is not a problem.

It is, in my opinion, a dream if anyone comes
up with an alphabet and claims that this is
the true representation of the Voynich language
or cipher, as intended by its author(s).

Cheers, Rene

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