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VMs: Nouns

Maybe it is an obvious thing, the most of labels are supposed to be nouns in the nominative case.
If we get the distribution of the first and last letters of each words for all ther words and for the labels, we see the following:

The nouns in the main form (nominative) are starting mostly wiith o-, (can be also d-, y- )
Preffix q- never occurs in labels. It can be a particle like "the", or an accusative , because it always follows by "o",
and it is an attibute of the noun.
The nouns can have -y: or -m at the end.
I suppose that a suffix like -aiin is a plural.

Here you see it from the statistics:.

Start letters in all the words:
o     22%
c     18%
q     15%
s     12%
d      9%
y      5%
a      5%
l       3%
k      3%
t       3%
p      2%
r       1%
Start letters in labels:
o    61%
d    10%
y     8%
s     7%
c     6%
a     2%
q     1%
t      1%
k     1%
l      1%
r      1%
End letters in all the words:
y      37%
n      16%
l       15%
r      14%
s        3%
o        2%
m       2%
d        2%
a        1%_
End letters in labels:
y    35%
l     10%
r       9%
n      7%
m     6%
s      3%
d      2%
g      1%
j       1%
a      1%

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