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VMs: Verbs at begin - arabic ??

As I supposed, the nouns are mostly words starting with o-.
The most words at the beginning of each page are starting with h-,t-,p-,f.
Practically no label is starting from this letter.
I suppose, such words to be verbs, therefore the sentence structure to be like in arabic language. having the
predicate (verb) at the beginning-

I am not very sure that it is an arabic text, but -

The arabic language has a very low enthropy because of omitted of wovels.
We can reach also very small enthropy, if we remove dots above and below arabic characters -
then we cannot distinct B-N-T-Y and W-F and S-SH and R-Z and J-CH and more.
Then. arabic language has beginning-forms, middle-forms and end-forms of the same characters, and
decoding from arabic cipher should be very difficult problem.

Has somebody investigated arabic language ?

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