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Re: VMs: qo-words

On Tuesday 11 Mar 2003 7:28 am, Bruce Grant wrote:
> According to my Arabic grammar, the word "and" in Arabic is a single
> character (waw) attached to the following word - I think Biblical Hebrew
> does something similar too.

Very interesting!

> As for why "q" is always an initial, perhaps it is because the EVA
> character "l" is the medial form of "q".

It could be, but there are 10634 occurrences of the character <l> and 1410 
instances of <l> as word-initial too.
358 word types start with <l>; out of those, 119 instances of <l> on its own. 
I don't think that they are different versions of the same character because 
they overlap at the word-initial location.


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