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Re: VMs: qo-words

3/11/03 12:28:58 AM, Bruce Grant <bgrant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>According to my Arabic grammar, the word "and" in Arabic is a single character
>(waw) attached to the following word 

It is interpreted as as a prefix, just like Latin -que is interpreted
as a suffix. But the letter w is never attached to the following letter.
It is written separated from it by a space, even when part of a word.
For instance, kutuub (the plural of kitab "book") is written  ktw b
not ktwb.

>- I think Biblical Hebrew does something
>similar too.

>As for why "q" is always an initial, perhaps it is because the EVA character "l"
>is the medial form of "q".

And <in> and <iin> are always final. Logically, they must be the word-final
forms of two other letters. But this drastically reduces the number of
letters of Voynichian. We are still nowhere. For les francophones in this
group: "On pédale toujours dans la choucroute."

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