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RE: VMs: Declaration of WAR against EVA

55 E-mails behind and so little time...

Let's see:
--- GC <glenclaston@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Renee:
> It is a fair complaint that Eva (like Frogguy) is
> probably using
> several characters  to represent
> units of character, sound or information. The
> opposite is probably
> true for Currier. As long
> as we remain aware of this it is not a problem.
> If this were not a problem we would not be having
> this discussion.

In my opinion, the problem is caused by the 
unawareness. The Eva transcription daiin is
a representation of something we know what it looks
like in the MS. But it does not imply that these
are 5 letters. 
One can also write da(iin) to indicate that the last
three are connected together, although that would
be quite unusual. A better example is qokeey vs.
qok(eey). Even then, there still is no implied
claim about the nr. of letters.

> Renee:
> It is, in my opinion, a dream if anyone comes up
> with an alphabet
> and claims that this is the true representation of
> the Voynich
> language or cipher, as intended by its author(s).
> "As intended by its author" is one of my quotes, to
> be sure.

I didn't mean to quote you, but I may have done
so without knowing it.
I feel comfortable that 'iin' could be a single
glyph. Less so that 'eey' is a single glyph.
Still, I don't see how anyone can be sure. 

All in the best spirit of open discussion, of

Cheers, Rene

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