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VMs: Word Dependency -> ARABIC??

Here I tried to investigate dependency between previous word and the next word, depending on initials and finals.


1. The most spectacular is the Table 4, displaying very strong dependency between the final of the previous word and the initial of the next word.

It  means "fonetically dependency" - that the next word changes itself dependent of a precious word.
The fonetical dependency is very often in arabic: for example the initial particle "AL"  changes itself depending on a final of the previous word:


2. As it is clear from the tables 1 and 3, the forms words very often reproduce the same form (the same initial or the same final) in the next word. For example, -aiin or qo- or -dy can repeat many times with good dencity.
It can mean (1) poetical text or (2) repeating the same morfology