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VMs: Colloquium on Ptolemy's Geography...

Hi everyone,

If - like me - you have an interest in the history of maps, you might find this an interesting pair of days...

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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Ptolemy's Geography in the Renaissance --
A Warburg Institute Colloquium
Friday and Saturday, 27-28 June 2003

Supported by the British Academy and the British Library.

Thirteen scholars from Europe, North America, and the UK will explore
the broad cultural contexts (e.g. religion, astrology, education, antiquarianism,
art, and architecture ) in which Ptolemy's Geography was edited, read,
and commented upon in the Renaissance.

Speakers include:
Daniel Brownstein, Mario Carpo, Angelo Cattaneo, Lesley Cormack, Francesca
Fiorani, Darin Hayton, Alfred Hiatt, Margriet Hoogvliet, Alexander
Jones, Alessandro Scafi, Margaret Small, George Tolias, and Benjamin Weiss.

The program is available on the Warburg Institute's website:

Admission: GBP 15 per day (half price for students).

For more details please contact Elizabeth Witchell at the Warburg Institute,
tel: +44 (020) 7862 8949, email: Elizabeth.Witchell@xxxxxxxxxx

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